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Respect, protect nature during development: Xi
President Xi Jinping has declared that protection of the ecosystem is "the most important foundation" of sustainable development.
China outlines its position after the DPRK test-fires missile launched from submarine
China opposes the DPRK's nuclear development program, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday after an annual meeting with counterparts from Japan and the Republic of Korea.
Talks with Manila welcomed without arbitration attached
China welcomes Manila to return to bilateral talks, but if the Philippines insists on the award as a precondition, the negotiations won't get off the ground.
Testing facilities of straddling bus project reportedly to be torn down soon
It looks like there's trouble ahead for China's innovative straddling bus project. It's being reported that the test track could be torn up by the end of this month.
Amid summer box office slump, China film industry encounters 'darkness before dawn'
The summer peak season has less than a week to go, and at this point it seems just about impossible for sales to reach last year’s 12.4 billion yuan.
Tibet: Land that 'discriminates' against strangers
One of them and the major factor is that Tibet is ‘bereft’ of oxygen. Like someone said after a visit and coming down with what I joked as Lhasa Fever, ‘Tibet takes your breath away.’

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