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When China celebrates, rest of world benefits
As China has become prosperous, an increasing number of wealthy Chinese are opting to travel abroad, which translates into big business for global retailers.
Hong Kong Riot Prepared and Organized: Police
Hong Kong police are suggesting a small-scale riot which broke out earlier this week was planned in advance.
China detects first imported case of Zika virus
The patient, a 34-year-old male from Ganxian county of Jiangxi province, is now recovering with normal body temperature and fading rash.
Internet firms battle for relevance in red envelope race
Traditionally, Chinese people gives red envelopes filled with money, known as "Hongbao," to friends and relatives during the Lunar New Year celebrations.
Germany's train collision caused by human error, claims media
A wrong decision of a dispatcher is supposed to be the reason for the train collision which killed at least 10 people in the southern German state of Bavaria on Tuesday morning
Taiwan Arrests Developer of Toppled Building in Quake
Local authorities have launched an investigation into whether the building's construction had caused its collapse.

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