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Xi urges BRICS countries to champion multilateralism
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday called on the BRICS countries to undertake their due obligations in championing and practicing multilateralism.
Sports bring China and Brazil closer
Chinese President Xi Jinping said the two countries need to enhance people-to-people exchanges, especially in the areas of football and traditional Chinese medicine.
China, Greece promote wisdom, responsibility of ancient civilizaitons
Sino-Greek friendship is not only cooperation between the two countries, but also a dialogue between the two major civilizations.
China's reform, development achievements shared by all people
The country’s efforts to guarantee and improve people’s livelihood are a major contributor.
China insists on tariff rollback
China has repeatedly stressed that the trade war started with imposing additional tariffs and therefore should end with the cancellation of additional tariffs.
Here are some vital fact explaining how HK police is justified to enter CUHK campus
There's no place on Earth completely unregulated. Schools are never the shelter for rioters.
People’s Daily Online seeks English copy-editor
The opening is based in People’s Daily New Media Tower, Beijing. The positions come with a minimum one-year contract.

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