Mon,Dec 22,2014
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Xi eyes HK in Macao speech

A speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping in Macao was seen by observers as a reminder to neighboring Hong Kong in the wake of the Occupy protests that tarnished the region's image.

Govt eases rules for foreign banks in nation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed a State Council decree on Friday, which announced a revision of regulations that eliminate several restrictions on the operation of foreign banks in China.

China will not engage in large-scale unloading of US treasury bonds

Foreign exchange reserve investments consider security and liquidity as priorities, so China is not about to start any significant unloading of US bonds.

Beijing willing to assist Moscow

With the Kremlin vowing to address Russia's dependence on oil and gas, more teamwork with China in non-energy sectors may help, but the key "lies in the hands of Moscow itself", analysts said. - How long can Russia withstand the crisis?

Most Chinese expatriates detained in Angola released

Over 30 Chinese were still under detention for the lack of proper documents, and the Chinese embassy urged Angolan authorities to provide proper treatments for the Chinese under detention.

University system faces stronger oversight

The Ministry of Education will implement stronger scrutiny over the university system's leaders and impose harsher punishments for corruption, the country's top anti-graft agency said on Sunday.








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