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Chinese president, premier offer condolences over terror attack in Egypt
President Xi condemned the violence, saying China opposes all forms of terrorism.
Commentary on US Navy accusation Chinese fighters conduct 'unsafe' maneuver: Wicked Are The First To Complain
The increasing frequency of American provocation is a troubling sign for the hard-won peace and stability.
Former college dean lashes out at administration system of Chinese universities
A former dean of Wuhan University has become an online celebrity after she highlighted the problems in Chinese universities’ administration systems.
Giant panda population on rise thanks to effective protection
Giant panda populations have been on the rise in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, as the region has taken effective measures to protect the rare species.
Chinese liquor behemoth to establish wine college
China’s most popular spirit brand, Moutai, will establish a college to teach wine-related science, in an effort to promote China’s national liquor brand worldwide.
People’s Daily Online seeks native English-speaking editor (Beijing)
English New Media of People's Daily is looking for a full-time native English-speaking editor based in Beijing.


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