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US agrees it's time to 'turn the page'
Washington agrees with Beijing that "the time has come" to move away from the tensions in the South China Sea and to "turn the page", US Secretary of State John Kerry said.
Legal voices:Can zoo be cleared of liability in fatal tiger attack?
Chinese legal experts are voicing contradictory opinions in a heated debate over whether zoos should be held responsible when visitors ignore safety reminders.
Settlement agreements signed under duress, say relatives of Taiwan bus blaze victims
Some families of victims of the tour bus fire in Taiwan report that they felt forced to sign the agreements.
Insufficient innovation blamed for dragging iPhone sales in China
Analysts believe that a slow speed of innovation is the root cause for reduced sales of Apple's iPhone in China.
Chinese Passport Is Scribbled With "F*ck you" by Vietnamese Border Staff
A Vietnamese border staff wrote offensive languages on a Chinese visitor's passport.
Chinese Civilian Flight Didn’t Fly Through the “No-fly Zone”
Air China refuted some Russian media's report, claiming that four Chinese civilian flights had appaeared in the "no-fly zone" above Seversk.

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