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China, Turkey vow to fight terrorism
The presidents of China and Turkey made clear their resolve to combat terrorism, including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, during talks in Beijing on Wednesday.
China strives to take lead in 5G technology
The rise of China's mobile communication technology will change the situation of world communication industry. The Chinese version 5G standard is hopefully the world standard in the 5G era.
Air crew awarded $48,000 for successfully handling an arson attack
A reward of about $48,000 was given to the flight crew for their brave and calm behaviors in handling the arson attack by the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority.
Chinese American coaches U.S. team to triumph in maths Olympiad
“It’s not a surprise that the US triumphs in IMO. The Chinese team is still the best in the world, but the U. S. team is a strong rivalry.”
Chinese scientists discover Carbon Sequestration hidden under the desert
According to Chinese Academy of Sciences, a study has discovered the "Carbon Sequestration" stored in saline aquifers in the desert that the scientists have been searching for decades.
Malaysian official says debris found still cannot be confirmed as from Boeing 777
Director General of Malaysia' s Department of Civil Aviation said that it still cannot be confirmed that debris discovered on a beach of the Reunion Island was part of a Boeing 777 aircraft.

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