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China's historical rights within dotted line not deniable: People's Daily
China's historical rights within the dotted line in the South China Sea are not deniable despite the attempt of the Philippines to question them by distorting facts.
Commentary: Why is There a Blackout on “Democracy Spring” among U.S. Media?
In the week-long protest in Washington D.C. against big money in politics, people chant:" Where are you, CNN?"
China's National Nuclear Emergency Rescue Team founded
The 320-person China Nuclear Emergency Rescue Team was officially founded on May 24, 2016. The team will be in charge of nuclear radiation protection and medical rescue, according to CCTV’s official microblog.
Ancient book 'provides ironclad proof of Chinese ownership' of Huangyan Island
Specialists say a handwritten book more than 600 years old is undeniable proof of China's sovereignty over Huangyan Island.
CRCC to get $1.31 million compensation from Mexico
China Railway Construction Corp Ltd will be compensated with almost $1.31 million in the wake of the Mexican government unilaterally suspending a high-speed rail contract, according to a report on Reuters.
Chinese scientists discover anti-cancer 'password' in traditional Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine databases record over 2,000 kinds of medicinal plants that have been used to treat a wide variety of diseases, including cancer, for nearly 1,000 years.

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