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Death toll from Nepal earthquake climbs to 1896: government official
The death toll from a powerful earthquake which struck Nepal at midday on Saturday has climbed to 1, 896 including 723 in the Nepal's capital Kathmandu.
Death toll climbs to 17 in Tibet following Nepal earthquake
Death toll in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has climbed to 17, after a powerful earthquake struck neighboring Nepal on Saturday, local authorities said Sunday.
Over 600 Chinese tourists stranded in quake-hit Nepal
As of 10:00 a.m. Sunday, a total of 683 Chinese tourists were stranded in Nepal after a powerful earthquake hit the country on Saturday, said tourism authorities.
Double-faced Abe lets the world down
A prime minister who speaks one way and acts another is a danger to his nation.
Xi's trip to Pakistan, Indonesia embodies concepts of community of common destiny, new type int'l ties
Chinese President Xi Jinping returned to Beijing on Friday after his state visit to Pakistan and Indonesia.
S. African president promises maximum protection to foreign nationals
South African President Jacob Zuma on Friday met with leaders of organizations representing foreigners, assuring them of maximum protection.

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