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Xi: Show respect for health staff
President Xi Jinping calls for greater understanding for medical workers, to help create an atmosphere that respects doctors and acknowledges their importance.
China's medical services bring benefits to people along Belt and Road
From prevention and control of infectious diseases, to training of talents and promotion of Chinese medicine, China has been deepening exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road.
'America First' policy hurts US citizens
It remains unknown when the trade policy makers of the US will return to rationality, but the side-effect of the "America First" policy has emerged. It will just be a matter of time before the slogan decays.
European media positively evaluates China's reform and opening-up
Many European media outlets and think tanks seek the profound reasons for China's successful development model through the reform and opening-up.
Controversial proposal of childbirth fund draws criticism
The proposal of setting up a childbirth fund to cover expenses of families having second child has drawn a wave of criticism.
Chinese robot industry grows by nearly 30 percent annually
China’s robot industry saw revenue of almost $7 billion in 2017, with an industrial robot output of over 130,000 units.
What's Qixi Festival?How people spend Chinese Valentine's Day in Beijing.
Flowers, dinners, rings, chocolates, movies, luxurious hotel rooms? We ask people living in Beijing how they will celebrate the romantic occasion.

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