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Five questions on China's economy — Exclusive Interview with an ‘Authoritative Insider’
People’s Daily recently interviewed an anonymous "authoritative insider", presenting five most pressing questions on the Chinese economy.
China began construction of two lighthouses in Nansha Islands
China will continue building on the islands and reefs in the South China Sea to serve vessels passing through the waters, a foreign ministry representative said on Tuesday.
Nansha Islands construction 'befits China's international responsibilities'
Construction work by China on some garrisoned islands and reefs on its Nansha Islands was defended by a senior Chinese diplomat on Tuesday.
China discovers huge tight oil deposit
China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC) announced on Tuesday that it has discovered a major "tight oil deposit" in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
'One Belt, One Road' is nobody's geopolitical tool: Chinese Ambassador to Britain
“The fact is that 'One Belt, One Road' is not a geopolitical tool of any country, but a public good that China is providing to the international community."
99 tax treaties assist companies going abroad
"Guidance on promoting international cooperation in capacity and equipment manufacturing" outlines the financial and tax policies intended to provide support and services for enterprises which are planning to go global.

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