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Xi's book on governance wins sweeping global impact
A book on governance written by Chinese President Xi Jinping sets a new record in China's publication history in 40 years with over 6.25 million copies in 22 languages already in print worldwide.
Chinese media embraces Western social media to present real China to the world
There is a huge global audience demand for China facts and information as the country grows and plays a much more important role in the global arena.
Desperate search for survivors after landslide buries village in SW China's Sichuan
More than 3,000 rescuers with detection devices and dogs are looking for signs of life, but the likelihood of finding survivors is fading.
Commentary: China, Africa in concert on poverty reduction for common development
The success story of China can draw so much attention because the country has found a way in the past four decades to lift over 700 million residents out of poverty.
China's new high-speed train debuts on Beijing-Shanghai route
The new bullet trains, also known as electric multiple units (EMU), boast top speeds of 400 kilometers an hour and a consistent speed of 350 kilometers an hour.
China, B&R countries to take lead in global economic governance: foreign experts
China’s B&R initiative will help developing countries so that their voices are heard in the global arena, as well as rebalance the world economy.


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