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Xi conducts inspection tour in NE China's Heilongjiang
Xi started his tour Tuesday afternoon at Jiansanjiang agricultural reclamation branch bureau to inspect the conditions of grain production and harvest.
Cooperation is the only right choice for dealing with China-US trade friction
Economic and trade relations have always been the ballast stone and propeller of China-US relations.
Washington pressed to cancel new arms transactions with Taiwan
Beijing on Tuesday called on Washington to immediately withdraw its latest planned arms sales to Taiwan and cease military contacts with the island.
Offensive Swedish TV show: China doesn't accept such 'humor'
The Chinese people will not be bullied or insulted and they will never accept a half-hearted apology.
China aims to explore polar regions of Moon by 2030
The exploration to the South Pole aims to study the age of the lunar soil, and the composition of the solar wind's isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, helium and oxygen.
Quantum radar tech to counter stealth
A major State-owned defense contractor has designed and built a cutting-edge quantum radar, which military observers say will eventually be able to detect stealth aircraft from great distances.
People’s Daily Online seeks English copy-editor
People’s Daily Online is looking for full-time English-speaking editors. The openings are based in Beijing.

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