The future of the world is in the hands of the younger generation. When young people around the world pursue their ideals and fulfill their responsibilities, mankind will have a more promising future, and there will be an inexhaustible source of strength to support the lofty cause of peace and development.

-- Chinese President Xi Jinping

When Felicia Lindoff, or Lin Shuiling as she is known in Chinese, first arrived in China from Sweden in 2007, she couldn't have imagined that this different continent would be her home for the next 16 years. Now, she owns a bakery in Beijing. A lifelong baking devotee who learned the craft from her grandparents, Lindoff aims to share feelings of love and sincerity through her handmade goods. Additionally, as she delved into life's unpredictable journey, Lindoff discovered her own "true love," further cementing her deep-rooted connection to China.

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Swedish baker serves up life lessons through her culinary craft