Meet the Gabonese broadcaster advancing China-Africa relations on TV

By Sun Hongyu, Liu Yishuang, Zhang Wenjie, Peng Yukai, Liu Ning (People's Daily Online) 17:07, October 27, 2023

In 2008, inspired by the spectacular Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics she saw on television, Bolabola Joëlle Zita (Bola), then a high school student, chose to pursue her studies in China.

Today, microphone in hand, Bola has transformed into a voice actress and a television host at StarTimes, a Chinese electronics and media company that has established subsidiaries in over 30 African countries, forging her own path in the broadcasting sector.

Her French-dubbed version of "The Journey of Flower," a 2015 Chinese television series, has left a lasting impression on numerous people. Chinese TV series and dramas dubbed in French produced by StarTimes have sparked a trend in Africa, with African viewers eagerly tuning in each week and discussing them on social media.

Having lived and worked in Beijing for over a decade, Bola also participated in the filming of a documentary series showcasing Beijing, created by StarTimes. During her journey, she visited iconic places such as the Temple of Heaven and Beihai Park, savored local delicacies like douzhi and Peking duck, and explored trendy spaces like the 798 Art Zone and Sanlitun. She shared her life in China and her personal experiences with her African friends.

She has also hosted entertainment and beauty shows.

“If we want to promote Africa's development and its relations with China, we need to have a better understanding of Chinese culture, don't we? I can speak Chinese, which has enabled me to better understand Chinese culture during my years in China. Additionally, working in the media allows me to share the knowledge I've gained. This can greatly benefit the relationship between China and Gabon”, she told People’s Daily Online.

Committed to her work in China, she remains passionate about deepening Sino-African ties. She aspires to enhance mutual understanding between Chinese and African communities, and to advance the development of Sino-African relations.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Wu Chengliang)


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