Post-95 photographer reinvents herself with resilience and optimism

(People's Daily Online) 16:11, May 06, 2023

Niu Yu, post-95s, is a photographer.

From marathon to the Shanghai Fashion Week, from the “iron leg” girl to a volunteer, from the “Chunyou Gege” (her screen name, literally Mr. Spring Tour) to a post-95s photographer…from which moment did you get to know her?

Niu faced great challenges when she started to learn photography. She was unable to carry heavy equipment because of her prosthetic leg. It was even difficult for her to sit on the ground to take photos.

Niu’s university professor used to tell her that she should “finish everything in her greatest power,” which is something that she has been aiming to do.

Having suffered from an earthquake, numerous surgeries, and rumors, Niu has experienced reinventions when facing setbacks. Though regarded by some people as “stubborn,” Niu holds a simple thought: she wants to do her favorite things.

In Niu’s opinion, “Do not be disturbed by outside voices. We are the ones who know who we are. No need to be someone else. It feels cool to be oneself.”

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, Du Mingming)


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