Dream Chasers in Beijing

By Yuan Meng, Liu Ning, Su Yingxiang, Zhang Wenjie (People's Daily Online) 15:59, December 31, 2021

During the evening rush hour at yearend in 2021, we randomly chatted with some young people who just got off from work, asking their plans for the evening, and whether we could record their lives for one night.

We were welcomed by three groups of people during our little subway adventure. They were willing to reveal some of the more intimate and finer details of their daily life in front of our camera, rendering us a glimpse into their simple yet glittering worlds.

Hao, a bass player, invited us to watch his concert at the School Live Bar, a rock music venue in Beijing. Amongst the posters of gig bands plastered all over the wall, bright and dazzling spotlights, and the uplifting beats of the drum, Hao indulged himself in his world of music on the stage.

Having been in a band for ten years, Hao regards himself as a workaholic: "For those things that I like and am interested in, I just want to do it seriously and with intent, which will give you a sense of accomplishment," he said.

We met a young couple heading for their home at the Tiantongyuan North Station in the Changping District of Beijing. Wang Zhenjuan and Wang Zitan have been in love for more than five years. Zhenjuan came to Beijing seeking further development in 2018. Her boyfriend Zitan came after her in 2020, and now both of them are working in Internet companies. "I will be wherever she is," Zitan said.

"We will meet at an intersecting point, at Datunlu East Station, and go home together after meeting up. When we are with each other, it feels like we might arrive sooner," Zhenjuan said. She is content about her current life with Zitan in Beijing: "Everything is on track now and proceeding smoothly. All is going well." The young couple plan to get married next year.

A 25-year-old woman with an English name April is a media company employee. She planned to go shopping when we encountered her at Tuanjiehu Station. She bought a bunch of small daisies and an old book on independent films.

"Compared with having somebody's company, I prefer my personal space on my own," April said, adding that "maybe I need some time and space for myself, and for my personal growth."

The late-night metro bears a responsibility to transit travelers back and forth towards their homes, and witnesses the happiness and countless hardships of its passengers. For dream chasers in Beijing, maybe the most important thing is to select a track of their own, and head towards the life they wish for. 

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Liang Jun)


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