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Software upgrades for Beidou to continue
Designers of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System will keep upgrading software on Beidou satellites to improve their capabilities and maintain technological advantages, according to a key figure in this program.
Wuhan not necessarily where coronavirus crossed from animals into humans: WHO expert
The WHO advance team that traveled to China in preparation for an international mission of identifying the zoonotic source of COVID-19 has concluded its mission recently
China suspends HK-NZ fugitive deal
China has decided to suspend the agreement on surrendering fugitive offenders and the agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and New Zealand.
Bullying practices to maintain hegemony only makes U.S. utterly isolated
Certain politicians in the U.S. have fully unmasked their Cold War mentality and attempt to maintain hegemony with a series of crazy talks in the recent days.
China urges U.S. to withdraw Xinjiang-related sanctions
China on Monday urged the United States to immediately withdraw its wrong decision of imposing sanctions on the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and two relevant officials.
China’s COVID-19 response sets example for human rights protection
China has mobilized the entire country to combat the virus, fully demonstrating its people-centered approach in human rights protection.
China turns waste tires from "black pollution" to "black gold"
There were about 330 million waste tires produced in 2019, with a total weight of over 10 million tons.

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