Ending Poverty in China
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President Xi calls for multilateralism to light up way forward amid pandemic, recession
"Multilateralism should not be used as pretext for acts of unilateralism. Principles should be preserved and rules, once made, should be followed by all."
China vows unremitting fight against corruption
China's top disciplinary body on Sunday adopted a communique, vowing unremitting efforts to improve Party conduct, build a clean government and fight corruption.
U.S. double standard in dealing with riots
Cracking down domestically and inciting outside is the U.S. attitude on domestic and international riots, which epitomizes the country’s double standard and hypocrisy.
New system to improve SME lending
China has established a unified national financing registration system that uses movable property and rights as pledges, which is expected to increase loans for small and medium-sized enterprises and improve the overall business environment.
China overtakes U.S. as world's top destination for FDI in 2020: BBC
"While the U.S. economy has been struggling since the COVID-19 outbreak last year, China's economy has picked up speed," the BBC said.
Chinese cities to advance trial of digital currency in 2021
Several Chinese cities will expand trials of digital currency, or the digital yuan, according to their tune-setting government work plans for 2021.
China’s cross-border e-commerce sees robust growth in 2020
Continuous improvement in the cross-border e-commerce regulatory system has supported the orderly development of new business forms.

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