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A Guangdong company has tested 56 unmanned boats and is working with the military to develop a "shar[Full report]
J-20 fighter China’s stealth fighter J-20 will be serialized to increase capabilities, said Yang W[Full report]
A J-11B fighter jet attached to an aviation brigade of the air force under the PLA Northern Theater [Full report]
China's domestically-developed J-20 stealth fighter recently took part in a nighttime training exerc[Full report]
China’s self-developed J-20 stealth fighter jets recently conducted cooperative combat training with[Full report]
An infantryman crawls forward with his weapon under the cover of an armored vehicle during a breach [Full report]
On May 29, a Chinese military expert rebuked Hong Kong media over their untrue remarks regarding Chi[Full report]
Third and fourth carriers expected to achieve technological breakthroughs ○ Chinese aircraft carr[Full report]
Two US Navy warships—the USS Higgins, a destroyer, and the USS Antietam, a cruiser—trespassed into C[Full report]
Video footage showing Chinese carrier-borne fighter jets taking off and landing on China’s aircraft [Full report]
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