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New Tendency of China’s Drug Control Management

(People's Daily Online)

19:21, January 06, 2013

- New policy for employment-based drug rehabilitation in Guizhou

By Yu’an, professor from the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

Employment and development-based

To address the relapse after compulsory rehabilitation and obstacles to return to the society, Guizhou government adopts active guiding and assisting measures to promote the employment of drug rehabilitation personnel, and has realized major transcension of traditional administrative drug control policies. Traditional drug control policies emphasize more on the prohibition of illegal production, manufacture, and trade of drugs, and are weak in controlling illegal drug use and abuse. Traditional drug control methods emphasize more on administrative compulsory enforcement, but the relapse rate after compulsory drug rehabilitation is high. Guizhou’s drug rehabilitation policies focus on the career development of drug rehabilitation personnel by providing an employment platform for them to return to the society, and establishing new policies and opening up new ways to realize drug rehabilitation objectives. Guizhou also actively helps the vulnerable social groups that may turn to the group opposite to the society. This is not only a policy promoting social inclusiveness, but also a policy realizing social security.

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