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Top 10 military exercises of world in 2012

(China Military Online)

09:15, January 05, 2013

A. China-Russia "Joint Maritime Exerecise-2012" Military Exercise

  Exercise time: April 22 to 27

  Participating countries: China and Russia

  Exercise location: Yellow Sea wateres, China

  Exercise contents: joint escort, joint air-defense, joint anti-submarine, joint anti-hijacking, joint search and rescue, and joint replenishment, etc. and actual-troop live-ammunition firing against sea, submarines and air, etc.

  Concern index: ★★★★★

  Reason for concern: China-Russia largest-ever joint maritime exercise

  Military strength committed: the Chinese side dispatched 16 surface ships and 2 submarines and the Russian side dispatched 7 main warships of its Pacific Fleet. The two sides also dispatched 22 airplanes, 9 helicopters and 2 special operation detachments.

  Expert's comments: as the first joint exercise between the two navies of China and Russia, the exercise features a large number of participating troops, long exercise duration, high demands for coordination, strong antagonism and practicality. The joint exercise is conducive to deepening pragmatic cooperation between the two militaries and improving their capabilities for carrying out joint maritime military operations and responding to security threats and challenges. (By Zhang Guifen, with the Department of World Military Studies under the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army)

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