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Internet gaming: 'A winning gamble'

By Gao Yuan (China Daily)

08:23, December 25, 2012

Visitors playing online games at a recent digital entertainment expo in Shanghai. Digital entertainment has huge market potential in China. Provided to China Daily

Increase in mobile platforms will boost number of users, say experts

China's online gaming industry is set to grow rapidly as the nation connects more people with broadband Internet, said Mike Morhaime, president and chief executive officer of Blizzard Entertainment, a United States video game developer.

With its existing broadband access, China is already the world's largest market for online games and it will continue to grow quickly, said Morhaime.

"To have a good experience means the company should keep every player updated and keep the content updated," he added. "To be able to do it quickly and conveniently for our players is dependent on a good Internet connection."

Morhaime also said the reliability of the Internet infrastructure is key for online gaming operators.

The number of Chinese residents on the Internet hit 550 million in the third quarter of this year, said Zhang Feng, director of the communications department under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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