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Beijing hutongs embrace cultural industry


09:33, December 24, 2012

Visitors to Beijing would never miss a tour in its renowned hutongs. The alleys give a wonderful glimpse into almost every aspect of the city's past. And now, the centuries-old hutongs will be injected with fresh energy, thanks to the "Creative Hutong Park" project, launched by Beijing's Dongcheng District.

Nearby the famous Fangjia Hutong stands an 80-year-old building. It used to be a factory, but now it's a hub for more than 120 enterprises which engage in cultural and creative industry.

Jia Li is an interior designer. He says that working near the Fangjia Hutong is a great source of inspiration for him.

Jia Li, Designer, said, "People live in the Fangjia Hutong usually walk around the alleys shaking their cattail leaf fans in hot Summer days. Inspired by that, I made these lighting devices."

These enterprises are just a small part of the "Creative Hutong Park" project. In 2012, the Dongcheng District finished building a 200,000 square meters Creative Hutong Park, which has already attracted 1,600 cultural and creative enterprises.

In addition, a new tourist route linking scenic spots -- including the Fangjia Hutong -- was also set up.

District officials say that more and more enterprises are expected to set up in the park. They hope in this way, it can help both cultural and creative enterprises and Hutong tourism.

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