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People's Daily Online seeks English editor

(People's Daily Online)

15:09, May 31, 2012

Location: Beijing

Job description:

1. Proofread the translations and articles written by the editors.

2. Proofread internal documents of the company.

3. Carry out internal trainings for the editors in translation and news writing.

4. Write news stories for the site.

5. Provide assistance for interviews, including hosting video interview, contacting interviewees and writing stories based on the interview, video transcription, etc.

6. Other tasks assigned by the department head.

Job Requirements:

1. Education: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university with a major in journalism, English, finance, economics, international politics, international journalism or a related field.

2. English native speaker with superior English speaking, reading and writing skills, preferably with Chinese speaking and reading skills.

3. Technical and writing skills: Have a thorough understanding and appreciation for the role of journalism and accurate, thoughtful news writing.

4. Proficiency in office software such as Microsoft Word and website development standards and applications.

5. Experience: Previous working experience in an English-language news organization or related field experience is preferred.

Applicants please send cover letter and CV to [email protected]

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Fujian Ren at 2013-04-17183.171.174.*
Why English Native Speaker? I am a Chinese who lives in Malaysia and I have worked in Australia as a Sub-Editor in a News Ltd newspaper. My English is better than many Caucasian Native English Speaker in Australia. When I grew up in Malaysia as a kid, I learned to speak Fujian Hokkien, English and Malay at the same time as my parents could speak all three of the above. Eventually, I was educated in a school when the medium of instruction is English. That is why I can speak English as well as a Caucasian Englishman if not better. The point I am trying to make here is that a Chinese can even have better English speaking skills than a Englishman or an American. It all depends of our upbringing when we are young and what kind of schools we went to. So don"t just employ a Caucasian Englishman or an American on the thinking that their English are bound to be good because there are many Chinese overseas and even in China who can speak and write fluent and excellent English better than an Englishman.
RP at 2013-03-10221.0.131.*
Non-native speakers will almost always have some difficulty in fully grasping a new language. It would be strange to hire a non-native Chinese speaker as the Chinese language editor, wouldn"t it? By the way, it is "discrimination against", not "discrimination on", and it would be better to say "Then why do Chinese people undertake degrees in English?".
HsunTze at 2013-02-1849.125.105.*
I agree with elee that applicants should be advised the results of their applications. I also feel that there should be meritocrisy in the selection procedures and that non native English applicants should be fairly considered based on their qualifications.I believe China does not need that many native English teachers.
PD User at 2013-02-1099.9.32.*
It"s not discrimination. To be at en editor/proofreader level of a non-native language, one"s fluency must be absolutely PERFECT. And, judging by your response here, I can tell you wouldn"t be good at the job.
Michael Casey at 2013-02-0690.192.92.*
I"m a English native speaker,with a Shanghai wife and 2 bilingual daughters. I am also a writer, I would love to write for your newspaper, mainly I write humorous pieces about our family life here in Birmingham England. I have just received 4453 views for a sample chapter of my 6th book which I posted on Funny or Die, google "michaelgcasey" and you will find it. I have also written a 500page comic novel which would go down well in China, either in English or in translation. samples can also be read at I"ll also email youThank you for your time, laughter is great for everybody

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