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Leaders 'value US relations'

By Li Xiaokun (China Daily)

11:17, December 22, 2012

Vice-Premier Wang Qishan (second from left) meets US President Barack Obama in Washington on Thursday. (Photo/Xinhua)

Chinese leaders as always highly value ties with the United States, Vice-Premier Wang Qishan told US President Barack Obama in Washington on Thursday.

Obama told Wang he is expecting an early meeting with China's top political leader Xi Jinping.

The first meeting between a Chinese official and the US president since the leadership transition in China came the day the US House of Representatives passed the $633 billion Defense Authorization Act of 2013. The act contains sections about arms sales to Taiwan and supporting Japan's so-called administration right of the Diaoyu Islands, two moves China sees as harming its core interests.

This reflects Washington's two-way China policies, experts said, adding the anti-China group in the US political field might shadow relations after leadership transitions in both countries.

Wang was in the US for the 23rd Session of China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. He stressed the importance of building a new type of relations between major countries and called for both sides to "accumulate positive energy".

Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn, Obama said, promoting energetic and effective economic relations is still the core of US-China relations.

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