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Why the young Chinese get physically weaker

By Wan Lixin  (Shanghai Daily)

14:24, December 21, 2012

(File Photo)

On December 11, at a university campus in Pudong, a college student suddenly dropped dead while playing basketball, apparently not because of any violent confrontations during the game.

On November 27, at the Donghua University Campus in Songjiang District, a junior college student fell into coma after completing a 1,000-meter endurance test. He failed to respond to subsequent emergency medical treatment.

On November 18, at a marathon race in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, a 21-year-old college student suddenly collapsed while dashing towards the finish. He died the next day.

In the same race, a 25-year-old corporate employee also dropped while sprinting to the tape, and was pronounced dead eight days later. The sponsor of the game is being sued for huge sums in compensation by the victims' families.

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voy at 2013-01-06175.139.103.*
1 session sport class perweek for every student.
Mike Smith at 2012-12-2574.242.207.*
The Guangzhou race was not a marathon - it was 5 kilometers. I am over 60 and have had a hard attack. I could finish a five-kilometer race in 30 minutes.
Li at 2012-12-2275.172.234.*
You now live a domesticated, consumer lifestyle which is entropic. The disintegration of the population is a natural result.

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