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Why ‘Chinese style road crossing’ occurs

(People's Daily Online)

09:44, December 28, 2012

"Chinese style road crossing" refers to large crowds of Chinese people crossing roads, no matter whether the traffic light is green or red. Indeed, the phenomenon of pedestrians running the red light is commonly seen in some cities. It is very dangerous that pedestrians scramble for roads with cars in crowded downtown areas.

"Chinese style road crossing" reflects the deep-rooted belief that the law will not punish numerous offenders. In the fast-paced life, some people lack of safety awareness and cannot wait for the green light. Therefore, the group effect takes shape and some basic regulations have been thrown aside.

However, we should analyze the reasons for running the red light comprehensively, instead of blindly blaming low quality of the public. The pedestrian’s crossing roads with a disregard to traffic lights is related to the unscientific planning of urban transport, short green light and unbalanced relationship between pedestrians and cars. To some extent, pedestrians have no choice but to run the red light.

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