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Beijing-Guangzhou highspeed rail eases travel rush tension


13:57, December 26, 2012

With the Spring Festival around the corner, many migrant workers are planning to go back home to celebrate with their families. Every year it’s hard to get a ticket. With the Beijing to Guangzhou high-speed rail coming to service, will the situation improve?

There are more migrant workers in Guangzhou than any other city in China. Its railway station has faced severe capacity problems.

230,000 passengers use Guangzhou station each day during the travel peak. It’s normal capacity is only 40, 000. 32 million journeys are expected to be made here during the Spring Festival. And migrant workers have always found it extremely hard to buy a ticket.

Now, with the Beijing to Guangzhou high-speed rail coming to service, people say it’s much more easier for them to go back home during the Spring Festival.

Migrant worker in Guangzhou said, "In the past, it took more than 20 hours for me to go home. And it’s hard to buy tickets. Now booking tickets is very convenient. And if I get on the train in the morning, I can have dinner with my family in the afternoon."

The Beijing to Guangzhou high-speed rail will also help cargo transport.

Cargo delivery has always suffered significant delays to make way for passengers.

Li Zhiyong, Logistics Dep’t, Shaoguan Steel Company, said, "The railways have only met 40% of our company’s transport needs. We had to rely heavily on roads and highways."

This year, 33 trains will be used for cargo each day. Annual cargo capacity is expected to reach around 88 million tons, five times the amount last year.


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