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Anti-pirate warships to open to public


08:55, December 25, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Four Chinese Navy warships escorting business vessels in the Indian Ocean will hold "Open Day" activities at port cities after which the ships are named.

The four missile destroyers are Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and frigate Zhoushan, and belong to the North Sea Fleet, the East Sea Fleet and the South Sea Fleet of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy.

Zhoushan is scheduled to open to the public on Dec. 25-26, while the other three are expected to welcome visitors on Dec. 26-28.

Tickets will be distributed for free through companies and institutions.

During the open days, the warships will each carry a helicopter and 10 commandoes who will be armed with small arms and equipment used for diving, surveillance, telecommunication and protection.

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch anti-pirate drills and videos on escort missions carried out by the Chinese Navy.

Since Dec. 26, 2008, the Chinese Navy has sent 13 groups of warships to the Indian Ocean, where they have helped 5,000 foreign boats pass dangerous waters.

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