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PLA missile force beefs up weaponry and equipment development

By Zhou Qian and Yu Wenwu (China Military Online)

08:21, October 31, 2012

Advisory body makes plan for top-level design

The Expert Advisory Committee (also referred to as "the Committee") of the Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) was established in 2004. The Committee is designed to provide advice and recommendations for the heads of the SAF in missile weapons’ long-term development planning, project approval verification, R&D supervision, and examination of finalized design.

Pooling together a large number of scientific research elites including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and senior experts in missile research, the Committee has submitted 100-odd advisory reports to the leading organs of the SAF, becoming an indispensable "think tank" at the decision-making level for the SAF.

Dozens of laboratories support core technology innovation

In recent years, the Armaments Department of the SAF has build up dozens of key laboratories and initially established an integrated system of scientific research and experiments.

These laboratories, like high-quality "incubators", have given birth to a large number of key technologies. These increasingly perfected laboratories have achieved technological breakthroughs of more than 10 important research programs, ensuring a number of important types of missiles to be produced as scheduled.

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