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Speaking plainly to the public

(People's Daily Online)

08:45, December 26, 2012

In the eyes of the public, the documents of certain Party and government organs and speeches of certain leading cadres have long been full of “clichés, correct but meaningless phrases, beautiful-sounding but empty talk, rigid formulae and lies.” These documents and speeches may have beautiful cadences, but are actually meaningless and incompatible with the real life and public feelings.

“The style is the man himself.” The writing and working styles of Party and government organs are interconnected and related to national morality. The bad writing style is actually the epitome of bureaucracy, and will continue to exist if bureaucracy is not curbed. Continued existence of such a bad writing style will alienate the masses and damage the Party’s goals and image. .

The fundamental cause of the bad writing style is the “lack of knowledge, lack of respect for the people, and lack of effective measures.” An article full of lies and empty talk is no different from the “eight-part essay” that famous critic Lu Xun and former Chinese leader Mao Zedong had fiercely criticized. It not only wastes people’s time, but also reduces society’s operational efficiency.

The new Chinese leadership has set an example in adopting good writing and conference styles, and called for speaking plainly and seeking truth from facts, in order to eliminate formalism and bureaucracy. This shows the Party’s strong determination to deepen the Reform and Opening-up, further emancipate the people’s minds, and completely remove all obstacles, ideologies, and institutional mechanisms affecting the country’s scientific development

Speeches should be plain, meaningful, and informative rather than empty or meaningless. Articles should be concise, easy to understand, informative, and convincing rather than intricate or untargeted.

The quality of articles does not depend on their length. Sometimes, it is empty talk and rigid formulae that have chained the minds of certain Party and government officials, and deprived them of the ability to observe new problems and absorb new ideas. Writing and conference styles are the epitome of a country’s political, cultural, and social situations. Cadres should speak the plain truth, and make clear and meaningful remarks that reflect their emotions and judgment. Most importantly, they should translate talk into real action.

Read the Chinese version: “学会说群众懂得的话” , source: Guangming Daily

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