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2012's top 10 cinematic sensations

China Daily)  08:54, January 06, 2013

Back to 1942 (China Daily)

It's difficult to pick the 10 greatest domestic films in 2012, but there are solid reasons why these are worth watching. Artistic quality is not the list's sole criterion. Popularity is also a major concern. Some may not have stood out in either realm but have strong social relevance or generate broad discussions beyond the films themselves. Liu Wei reports.

Back to 1942

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Feng Xiaogang deals with a dark chapter in Chinese history when 3 million people in Henan province died in a famine in 1942. In a restrained tone, Feng explores the real reasons for the tragedy, such as corruption and war, behind surface causes like drought and locusts. The 147-minute film is not entertaining per se but leads viewers to reflect on both the dark and bright sides of human nature.

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