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Pi: It's your story now

(People's Daily Online)

09:13, December 12, 2012

Back to Pi's hometown (Photo/

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Poll: What do you think of the film 'Life of Pi?'


Ang Lee's 1st 3D film to debut in China

Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee's first 3D film, an adaptation from the bestselling novel "Life of Pi," is scheduled to debut on Chinese mainland on Nov. 22. The fantasy adventure, starring novice Indian actor Suraj Sharma, tells the story of a boy's life at sea on a boat with a tiger. Read more >>>

Life of Pi

"Life of Pi" is the life of humankind. The mathematical constant represents men's attempt to understand the world through logic and reason, but the number itself is irrational and infinite – an apt symbol of human spirituality. About a decade ago, French Canadian writer Yann Martel impressed the world with this remarkable insight, yet it was only 10 years later that his powerful text has been translated into a spectacular format by an equally sensitive, spiritual and talented film director none other than Ang Lee. Read more >>>


Life of Pi offers food for thought

Ang Lee's Life of Pi has made everyone a film critic in China.

The film has lit the fuse of explosive commentary with both professional critics and ordinary viewers carrying out extensive online discussions - especially on Sina Weibo, one of China's major Twitter-like micro blog services. Read more >>>

Easy as Pi

If the Chinese proverb "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" - the inspiration behind Lee's namesake 2000 wuxia blockbuster, meaning "undiscovered talent" - has any import with the demanding public, Life of Pi proves the Taiwan-born director has plenty of tricks still up his sleeve.

Though the film might not please Lee fans used to the director's trademark gritty adaptations, he delivers an engaging adaptation of a widely believed "unfilmable novel." Read more >>>

Tigers' survival under threat

"Life of Pi is a work of fiction, but in real life, there are threats to animals in their natural habitat that must be addressed," says Manilal Valliyate, director of veterinary affairs at PETA-India.

India is home to 1,706 tigers according to the latest census, almost half of the worldwide population. But that figure is a fraction of the 40,000 that roamed the country at the time of the country's independence in 1947. Read more >>>

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