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'2013–Tibet Independence Year' just a fantasy

(People's Daily Online)

08:09, December 12, 2012

The Dalai clique is planning a series of Tibetan separatist activities in the name of celebrating the anniversary of the Dalai Lama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10, and is also hyping the concept of "2013 – Tibet Independence Year." The clique is "sparing no effort to make the Tibet cause one of the most important topics on international forums in 2013."

It is absurd for the Dalai clique to use the Nobel Peace Prize as a gimmick. Other Nobel Prizes may deserve respect, but the peace prize is just a joke to many people. While the Dalai Lama was awarded the prize, his clique instigated a wave of self-immolations in the stable and peaceful Tibet.

The Dalai clique has adopted a simple publicity strategy. Over the past many years, it has been trying to create an illusion of an intense situation in Tibet, claiming that local residents have long been discontent at the Chinese government's Tibet policy, and then instigates various forms of protests and attacks in the autonomous region to prove its claim.

Its purpose of hyping "2013 – Tibet Independence Year" is to restore the old theocratic system and turn the emancipated Tibetan people into serfs again.

The Dalai clique has delivered various ugly performances to win greater support from its backers. The Dalai Lama said on Feb. 18, 2010 during a visit to the United States that he had the responsibility to speak for 6 million Tibetans. On Nov. 22, 2009, he said in India that he was a "son of India." In order to make his "father" happy, he has repeatedly announced that the Shannan Prefecture belongs to India, and even said that India is more qualified than China to claim sovereignty over Tibet.

While receiving U.S. financial support and being a "son of India”, the Dalai Lama himself is probably not sure whose "son" he really wants to be.

The serfdom system in Tibet was overthrown by the Tibetan democratic reform, and the theocratic feudal serfdom was swept into the dustbin of history by millions of emancipated serfs.

In fact, the "fathers" of Dalai Lama is just taking advantage of him to pursue their own interests, and will mercilessly abandon him when he becomes useless.

Read the Chinese version: “2013-西藏独立年”纯属达赖臆想, source: People's Daily, author:Yang Ziyan

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