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Cultivating a natural lifestyle at Green City

(Shanghai Daily)

08:59, December 11, 2012

People have fun at the Family Day of Green City. The annual outdoor event has become a tradition, a gala for residents of different colors and ethnic groups.(Shanghai Daily)

Green City in Jinqiao, Pudong, has established itself as a popular international community favored by many foreign residents, and seeks to promote quality lifestyle and culture through continual improvements.

Situated over 4 square kilometers, the community grounds woudn't look out of place in a pretty landscape painting. Every corner offers amenities that evoke a European life of leisure, with flowers and greenery abounding in its parks and gardens, creating a scene of natural beauty.

With its gorgeous views in harmony with nature, Green City is the kind of place that residents like to call a perfect neighborhood.

"Life is Green" best sums up the lifestyle promoted at the community, and this ethos makes living at Green City a dream come true.

Picture this: Rows of low shrubs, gracefully arranged; a large lawn providing an ideal location for a leisurely stroll; friendly neighbors enjoying an afternoon break after working out in the Green Sports and Leisure Center; kids shooting a basketball or skateboarding.

These are the basic ingredients of life at Green City. Once you come here, you will feel that you have entered a fresh lifestyle built by a new circle of friends who share your desire for a good quality of life. This is part of the sophisticated cultural atmosphere of Green City.

From the earliest stages of its development, the philosophy of Green City has always been not just to build homes, but to create a perfect neighborhood for residents as well.

Comprehensive facilities meet everyday living, recreation and shopping needs of foreign residents, plus educational and medical facilities are also available.

Day or night, at any time of the year, you will feel a romantic Western atmosphere when you step out on the sidewalks of Green City.

The wide lawn has been compared to "a magic carpet" that draws residents to sit or lie down and chill out. Or take a break at the cafe on the corner of Biyun Road and Hongfeng Road and enjoy a leisurely cappuccino. As you sip your coffee, you can enjoy the sunshine or take in an "international match" being played on the rugby field in the distance.

As night falls, Green City is bustling, as residents from different parts of the world meet up for sports or a workout at the elegant Green City Sports and Recreation Center.

Families from different countries take a relaxing drink together and the sound of different languages floats on the air. This meeting of world cultures creates a fascinating cosmopolitan atmosphere at Green City.

No matter how plush a home is, without love and community it is just a place to stay.

Green City strives to create an atmosphere of freedom and a love for nature for a leisure lifestyle a cut above the rest.

Green City residents live in a pleasant environment in which people can be in harmony with nature. The sunshine, the streams, the scenery, the sports, the elegance, the service - these embody the unique "Life is Green" philosophy of Green City.

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