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Life of Pi

(CRI Online)

14:06, December 11, 2012


The adventure drama film "Life of Pi" is now available in Chinese cinemas. It is based on Yann Martel's 2001 novel of the same name and directed by Ang Lee. The ocean scenes inside the film were shot in a giant wave tank built inside an abandoned airport in Taiwan. For more details, here is our movie reviewer Laiming.

"Life of Pi" is the life of humankind. The mathematical constant represents men's attempt to understand the world through logic and reason, but the number itself is irrational and infinite – an apt symbol of human spirituality. About a decade ago, French Canadian writer Yann Martel impressed the world with this remarkable insight, yet it was only 10 years later that his powerful text has been translated into a spectacular format by an equally sensitive, spiritual and talented film director none other than Ang Lee.

"Life of Pi" is a fantasy adventure story. Indian boy Pi Patel worships three religions, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, although his contemporary-minded father would rather he believe in science. On a freighter across the Pacific Ocean to Canada, Pi loses his family and the entire crew in a storm and is the only human survivor on a lifeboat along with an injured zebra, a mother orangutan, a spotted hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Before long, the number of survivors is reduced to only Pi and Richard Parker. The boy and the tiger drift on the vastness of the Pacific for 227 days before reaching the point of rescue. According to Pi, it is his fear of the beast that has kept him alive.

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