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Ang Lee's 1st 3D film to debut in China


09:31, October 26, 2012

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Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee's first 3D film, an adaptation from the bestselling novel "Life of Pi," is scheduled to debut on Chinese mainland on Nov. 22, the Beijing News reported Thursday.

The fantasy adventure, starring novice Indian actor Suraj Sharma, tells the story of a boy's life at sea on a boat with a tiger.

Life of Pi will be the most anticipated work for moviegoers next month, according to the Beijing News.

The date of the film's premiere on China's mainland is not fixed, as Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang's epic "Back to 1942" is also set to be released in late November, according to the paper.

Even imported films need to size up the competition from Feng's work, the paper added, quoting insiders.

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