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Top 10 glamorous flight attendants in China  08:39, November 29, 2012


Flight attendants are usually the most attractive feature on the plane, making a long journey more enjoyable and relaxed through their bright smiles and considerate services. Even if they are exhausted, you won't see any weary-looking faces on board, only warm smiles and soft voices.

Wearing fine-looking uniform and having considerable income, flight attendants are the dream of many young girls, and thus airline recruitments are a hot event to attend every year. However, very few of girls who look stunning and can provide overall excellence get the chance to live their dream. The ten ladies in this piece are simply the best of the best. They are not only the pride of the industry, but also form the goal of many male admirers' pursuit.

Top 10: Li Yuanjing (李媛静)

Born in 1991, Li Yuanjing is the youngest one on our list. She is a member of New Girls, the best and biggest beauty team in the online game advertisement. She is famous for starring in numerous online games promotions. In addition, she is a model with Her photos put her on a goddess pedestal in the hearts of many fans.

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