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Top 10 hottest Chinese athletes of 2012  08:14, November 27, 2012

Sun Yue (Photo/Xinhua)

Thanks to their natural talent, advanced skills and perseverance, the following ten athletes often dominate the competition in their own fields. Together with their individual athletic talents, they have been blessed with the good looks and well-trained physiques that appeal to both the public and fans. The following ten hot sports figures, selected for you by, are all presently still active and their ranking on this list is based on their legions of microblogging fans either on or

Top 10: Sun Yue (孙悦)

Sport: Basketball

Age: 27

Microblogging fans on (till Nov. 25): 23,465

Dubbed "China's Magic Johnson" by home-based fans, Sun Yue was born on November 6, 1985, in Hebei Province. Playing basketball from the age of 10, Sun has played with the Beijing Olympians, or Aoshen in Chinese, since 2002. In 2005, Sun joined China's national team, and entered the NBA- draft two years later. After making his debut there in 2008 as a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, Sun became the fifth Chinese male player to play in the NBA. The following year, he became the second Chinese player to get an NBA Championship ring after the Los Angeles Lakers went on to win the 2009 NBA Finals. In October 2009, after having been waived by the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, Sun returned to China and continued his contract with Beijing Olympians.

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