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What political system can help developing countries achieve prosperity?

(People's Daily Online)

08:40, January 05, 2013

It has been two years since the outbreak of the Arab Spring.

Sweeping across the Arab world, the upheaval has caused regime changes in several countries as well as the prolonged Syrian crisis. However, the seemingly earthshaking political upheaval has failed to bring prosperity to Middle Eastern countries. It has just dragged certain Arab countries from the previous trap to yet another trap, and created a "winter" for increasingly pessimistic and disappointed local people rather than a "spring".

One of the main reasons for such a result is worship and blind imitation of Western democracy. According to the Hidden Truth of the Arab Spring recently released by the French Center for Research and Intelligence, external forces has played a decisive role in the massive upheaval in the Middle East. Poisoned by Western democratic theories, Arab elites oversimplified the supposedly profound and comprehensive reforms to be a struggle between democracy and autocracy. They thought that all problems facing their countries would be gone as long as they achieve “democratic transition.”

In the global perspective, more than 200 counties and regions in the world except a few socialist countries are implementing Western capitalism and the so-called new round of democratization, but the richest countries are always the same 20 odd countries. The other 190 countries remain largely unchanged, if not poorer and more unstable. Third World countries that are eager to achieve democracy have more often than not suffered from political decay instead of increasing the people’s political participation.

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