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Military and civilian universities in Wuhan establish strategic partnership

By  Liu Daxin and Fan Jvwei (China Military Online)

08:27, January 06, 2013

Seven universities of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and seven universities directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in Wuhan area recently held an agreement-signing ceremony for strategic partnership, formally establishing the strategic partnership of joint education to cultivate personnel and exploring new modes of military-civilian joint education.

It is learned that in recent years, various colleges and universities under the Military Colleges and Universities Cooperation Center of Wuhan Area led by the Military Economics Academy of the PLA have deepened their academic exchanges and joint scientific and technological problem-tackling efforts with their civilian counterparts, effectively uplifting their teaching and scientific research capabilities.

According to the articles in the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation, the 14 military and civilian colleges and universities in Wuhan area reached a consensus on in-depth cooperation in 10 aspects, including carrying out mutual employment of excellent faculty, selecting the courses of other colleges and universities by cadets and students, conducting joint application on scientific research subjects as well as joint problem-tackling and technological innovation cooperation, jointly establishing practical teaching bases, supporting and encouraging mutual employment of faculty as graduate student tutors, and jointly launching faculty qualification training and certification.

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