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Vice premier meets model rural doctors


08:20, January 06, 2013

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The country's model rural doctors have been praised by Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang, who called on health institutions to provide the practioners with more health care.

While meeting the model doctors on Saturday, Li said, "You fully demonstrate benevolence as all doctors should. You've done good deeds and made unimaginable sacrifices for other people."

The practioners were dubbed "the most beautiful rural doctors" after the media reported their devotion to treating people despite their own health problems, poverty and, in some cases, disabilities.

During a symposium with Li, the doctors voiced their concerns including medical risks, lack of study opportunities, outdated equipment, low incomes and the absence of retirement insurance.

Li promised to investigate these issues and called on rural doctors to protect themselves during their work.

Three of the doctors also attended a meeting held by the State Council's leading group for medical and health care reform to provide their opinions on policies.


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