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Japan must face up to history in Abe era

(People's Daily Online)

16:17, January 05, 2013

File photo of Shinzo Abe (Xinhua/Kenichiro Seki)

Shinzo Abe said that he would reconsider the “three talks” reflecting on the history if the Liberal Democratic Party comes to power when running for president of the Liberal Democratic Party in August 2012. As everyone knows, the “three talks” were related to Japan’s cognition of the historical issues.

In 1982, the “Miyazawa talks” proposed that the contents of Japan’s historical textbooks should not irritate its neighbors; in 1993, the “Kono talks” made an apology for forced recruitment of comfort women and in 1995, the “Murayama talks” also made an apology for Japan’s aggressive history and colonial rule.

The “three talks” were related to major historical issues and any behavior of avoiding or deliberately distorting historical facts will harm countries invaded by Japan and is an attempt to revive the militarism.

Therefore, Asian countries must be on high alert to the new cabinet of Japan. Shinzo Abe just regained power, but his actions of playing tricks in major issues of principle are obvious. Abe stressed to inherit the spirit of “Murayama talks,” but made it clear that the opinions of experts will be considered on whether to modify the “Kono talks.” He also claimed to make Japanese children develop an attitude of respecting the history and culture through educational reform.

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