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Don't let Chinese characters become a world heritage

(People's Daily Online)

08:10, December 14, 2012


A lot of high school students do not know the common Chinese characters such as "toothpaste", "sauce", "mushroom", "package", "saprodontia", and "acupuncture". The reporter had chosen 10 groups of common words to make a simple test with 36 high school students of a class and found that one-third of them cannot write "sauce" in Chinese, about a half have a wrong way of writing "acupuncture" and few can write "saprodontia" in Chinese.

With the advent of the E age, traditional hand writing habit has been quietly changed. "Chinese characters crisis" including character amnesia and poor hand writing style has become a universal phenomenon. Many experts and scholars, as well as primary and secondary school teachers in China, have all set out elaborations on this phenomenon and its cause. Compared with the adult's "character amnesia", the minor's decreasing writing ability is more worrisome. If efforts were not put to resolve "Chinese characters crisis" starting from primary and secondary education, Chinese characters could also be one of objects we need to apply for world cultural heritage in the near future.

To prevent this from happening, we need to find the real crux of declining ability to write Chinese characters, to strengthen Chinese characters writing education in primary and secondary schools so as to improve their writing abilities. First of all, Chinese characters writing classes should be fully restored and upgraded to calligraphy classes in primary and secondary schools, and further develop standards for calligraphy curriculum and compile calligraphy teaching materials so that the students can learn to understand, appreciate and respect Chinese characters and the traditional habit of writing Chinese characters in daily learning of primary and secondary school students can be restored and enhanced.

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