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Who can free Chinese couples from baby tangle?

(People's Daily Online)

13:11, December 12, 2012

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Nowadays, couples face many obstacles and stress before bearing a baby.

Giving birth to a child is always a great happiness as the newborn brings joy and hope to the family. However, the complicated procedures for giving birth to a baby have exhausted many young couples. No one could tell how much the first cry of a baby cost a family nowadays.

Not to mention pregnancy pains and discomfort that mothers suffer from during the difficult three trimesters, labor pains, delivery risks and toils of feeding the baby, the biggest barrier is whether, where and how a couple are permitted to give birth to a baby. Migrant workers are troubled by the "birth permission certificate," urban couples found it hard to file in a good hospital. To pregnant women in remote mountainous areas it is more difficult to find a midwife.

In the so-called auspicious years such as the Year of Dragon, more couples hope to have a baby, which makes the problem quite prominent. In recent years, many couples are full of grievance when mentioning about it. It can be seen from the readers’ letters that people will come up against various troubles and difficulties when they want to have a baby.

What caused the difficulty in giving birth to a baby? How to solve the difficulty?

Having a baby is of the most important events in one's life and also a big deal to a nation especially China, which has deficient natural resources, the most populations and ever-deteriorating aging problem. Family planning is the basic national policy of China, but it is defective in how to plan and manage.

For example, too many details in handling the birth permission certificate brought troubles for migrant workers. In addition, High quality medical resources in cities and villages are far from meeting the demand of pregnant women and the medical service agencies do not get ready to welcome the baby boom of the post-1980s generation. Many hospitals in cities are expanding and renovating the buildings but it is a question whether their departments of gynecology and obstetrics and obstetricians increased.

Obviously, the relevant government departments do not pay attention to the problem in recent years. The National Population and Family Planning Commission has issued a notice, requiring to simplify procedures of handling the birth permission certificate for floating pregnant women. We hope this be realized as soon as possible.

Childbirth, old age, sickness and funerals are the laws of nature and also one of the important events in one's life. The importance of fertility to the sustainable development of individuals, families, society and even all human being is self-evident. If the problem cannot be solved well, let alone survival and development of a nation.

Read the Chinese version: 一声啼哭多少周折
Source:People's Daily, author: Zhao Beibei.

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