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What has 'Taobao Culture' brought us?

(People's Daily Online)

08:04, December 06, 2012


A few days ago, Hangzhou police, in collaboration with Taobao, cracked China's first "malicious poor evaluators" case, arresting seven "poor evaluators". Police said the crackdown will continue. As a representative website of e-commerce and Asia-Pacific's largest online retailing trade circle, Taobao tends to "establish rules" for e-commerce with its every move.

Taobao website covers most of the online shopping crowd in China, which in turn become the creators and participants of its derivative cultures. From trifle matters such as the popularity of "Taobao style" that address all people with "dear", to significant events such as the popularity of third-party payment systems and the establishment of an credit rating system with customer evaluation as the core, Taobao has revealed a gorgeous picture of the consumer society, and to some extent, it has contributed to the growth of the consumer society. Of course, like all other social networking sites, it too, has cultivated a new network community and changed the traditional ways of communication.

The credit evaluation system of Taobao is worth highlighting. The system has fixed the basic order and shaped the mainstream culture of Taobao in a straightforward way by determining the credit ratings of the sellers and directly affecting their profits, reputation, and brand on the basis of "good", "moderate", and "poor" evaluations (as well as more detailed scoring) from the buyers. Such credit evaluation system is hard to be implemented in the traditional markets but has gained a simple silhouette in the area of e-commerce.

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