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Expert: China should develop larger aircraft carriers armed with new-concept weapons

(People's Daily Online)

08:14, December 05, 2012

China should develop larger aircraft carriers armed with new-concept weapons, Chinese naval expert Li Jie said while communicating with the netizens of People's Daily Online's Qiangguo Forum on Nov. 27 about the country’s first successful fighter jet landing on its aircraft carrier.

Li said that China should develop larger aircraft carriers. The larger an aircraft carrier is the more aircraft it can carry, including fighter or attack aircraft. The United States has integrated fighters with attack aircraft, which can reduce the number of aircraft types and is more suitable for future wars.

Li said that ski-jump takeoffs place limits on the takeoff speed and payload of an aircraft, so China should make efforts to deploy steam or electromagnetic catapults on its future aircraft carriers.

Li said that the United States plans to completely arm its next-generation aircraft carriers with new-concept weapons such as electromagnetic rail guns and laser guns. China should follow suit in this regard.

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