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What on earth have screen walls covered up?

(People's Daily Online)

18:07, December 05, 2012

(People's Daily Online)

Zhangxian county in Gansu province has begun building screen walls alongside China National Highway 212 (G212). The local cadres said that the aim of constructing these walls is to "repair the face of the village, improve and beautify the living environment, create a township of ecological civilization and promote the construction of a new village," but local villagers regarded them walls of camouflaging shabby surroundings. "The biggest role of these walls is to hide the ugly and shabby houses of villagers." "As senior officials often pass our village, the screen walls can cover up our ugly houses and provide a prettier view."

Source:People's Daily, author:Cao Shulin.

Read the Chinese version: “漳县‘遮羞墙’遮了谁的羞”

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