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Aircraft Carrier Style mirrors a great power in the new era

(People's Daily Online)

12:18, December 04, 2012


Following the successful landing and takeoff of J-15 on China's first aircraft carrier the Liaoning, The yellow-jacketed duo giving a pilot hand signals onboard has triggered an imitation carnival on the Internet. Netizens have brought the entertainment spirit into full play, and imitated the pose with various icons and models, making others cannot help laughing at various versions of the aircraft carrier style.

Unlike previous online spoofs, we could obviously feel the sunny and positive energy behind the imitation shows of the aircraft carrier style. Not only have youngsters made ever-evolving poses, many senior citizens are also eager to have a try. In the mass carnival, warm and funny photos are posted online to show the concerns about the development of the aircraft carrier and the patriotism of the whole nation in a novel way.

But why could the breakthrough in the carrier-based aircraft technology arouse universal attention? As the most advanced offshore military platform in the world, aircraft carrier has long been deemed as the symbol of comprehensive national power and naval strength of a country. China had been the only country without carrier among the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council as well as the four BRIC countries. As carrier-based aircraft have to take off and land on the carrier, the technology is called "dancing on the tip of a knife" due to its difficulty and high requirement for precision. The Wall Street Journal described China that makes the latest military achievement as "a late runner runs out for 1 mile at one go, and is practicing for future marathon". In fact, the "one mile" is such a milestone that Chinese carrier begins forming combat effectiveness.

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