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The Liaoning has long way to go to achieve combat effectiveness

(People's Daily Online)

15:53, December 03, 2012

Besides the training of taking off and landing, the pilots of carrier-based aircraft must complete trainings of air and naval combats, said military expert Li Jie during an interview at the Qiangguo Forum of People's Daily Online last week.

Li said that the successful taking off and landing of the carrier-based aircraft is a proof of the compatibility of the aircraft and aircraft carrier, which laid a solid foundation for the future combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier. The five pilots' successful attempt is an effective proof of the progress made by Chinese navy, but this is not enough and it still has some distance away from the formation of combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier of China.

Typically there are dozens of aircrafts on an aircraft carrier, and therefore the carrier needs dozens of pilots who are able to accomplish these tasks. The pilots should take a lot of other courses including air combat courses as well as sea battle courses.

In addition to the coordination between the mother ship and the aircraft, the cooperation from frigates and destroyers are also important to compose a powerful three-dimensional, information-based naval force of an aircraft carrier formation, said Li Jie.

Li said that support and cover from the satellite, shore base, and air force as well as cooperation from other troops and weapons are also needed to complete combat missions. After an aircraft carrier battle group formation is in place, there is still a long way to go before the formation of real combat effectiveness and it requires the efforts of all the staff.

Read the Chinese version: 李杰:除起飞降落 舰载机飞行员还需完成空战海战等科目; Source: People's Daily Online; Author: Huang Zijuan

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