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BFSU launches two consortiums for language teaching and research

By Wang Jinxue (People's Daily Online)

15:01, December 03, 2012

Prof. Han Zhen (left), President of BFSU, Mr. Shi Peng Jian (middle), Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, and Prof. Yang Xueyi (right), Chairman of University Council, BFSU unveil the Consortium. (People’s Daily Online/Wang Jinxue)

The launching ceremony for “BFSU Teaching and Research Consortium for EU Languages & Culture” and “BFSU Teaching and Research Consortium for Asian & African Languages & Culture” was held at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) on Nov. 30. More than 300 people attended the ceremony.

BFSU has the largest variety of language education in China, teaching 54 foreign languages. The School of European Languages and Cultures and School of Asian & African Languages & Cultures have educated a large number of students who are proficient in languages and have international exposure and cross-cultural communication competences.

BFSU now offers courses in 23 official languages used by all 27 EU member states. It also offers courses in seven official languages of non-EU-member European countries. Presently, the 23 official languages of EU countries are taught by different departments/schools, namely, the School of European Languages and Cultures, the German Department, the French Department, the Spanish and Portuguese Department and the School of English and International Studies.

To promote exchange and cooperation among them and upgrade their teaching and research capacities, the Consortium is proposed to build as to enhance the role of language teaching in promoting China-EU educational and cultural exchanges.

As the sole Consortium currently in China that integrates teaching and research activities related to all EU official languages in different departments/schools, it will of particular significance in promoting educational and cultural exchanges between China and EU, improving public knowledge about each other’s language and culture and facilitating non-governmental communications.

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