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Xinhua's CNC, BBC launch joint production projects


13:49, December 03, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua News Agency's television service, CNC, and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Sunday announced that they are to cooperate in producing two cultural shows to promote exchange.

The two programs, the Chinese names of which can be directly translated as "global fashion base" and "a journey of creative Britain" will be produced in Chinese language, marking CNC's another joint production project with international leading broadcasters.

CNC stands for China Xinhua News Network Corporation.

The two programs will be shot at locations with distinct features and unique characteristics chosen by reporters and editors from the CNC and the BBC, according to a statement issued by the CNC on Sunday.

The two programs, to be produced in BBC's standards, will introduce fashion figures, styles, anecdotes as well as secrets of fashion.

The "a journey of creative Britain" will particularly focus on British creative industries, culture and people. The program will also expound how the country's creative industries bring new vigor to the cradleland of industrial revolution from aspects of policies, history and tradition, religious culture and social environment.

The BBC is a transnational media giant with a history of 90 years. The BBC has been engaged in developing its business in China for years and has multiple cooperation with Chinese media.

This year's Dec. 1 marked the third founding anniversary of the CNC. Xinhua News Agency was approved to develop transational TV business in 2009.

The CNC started Chinese language service and English language service through satellite on Jan. 1 and July 1, respectively, in 2010, broadcasting to more than 70 countries worldwide, such as the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand, as well as China's Hong Kong and Macao via cable TV and wireless TV.

The CNC's programs have been also available to audiences through the Internet, mobile devices and other multimedia platforms.

Senior officials with the CNC and the BBC believed that the two media organizations, as an important channel for two-way cultural communication between the east and west, are complementary in developing respective business and have massive space and potential for further communication and cooperation, the statement said.

The cooperation on the two TV programs of both interests will be a good start for the two sides to pursue a long-term strategic cooperation, it said.

The cooperation between the CNC and the BBC has been also a new step by Xinhua in fostering and promoting its capabilities of international communication.

Over the past three decades, Chinese mass media gained momentum in development and also gained more strength. Some media organizations are now able to explore international markets.

At a ceremony held to celebrate Xinhua's 80th founding anniversary last year, senior official Li Changchun urged Xinhua to build a modern, top-ranking news agency of global influence.

Li also urged Xinhua to use advanced information technologies to improve its international communication capacities, as the world's communication methods and the people's ways of life have been changed a lot by technology.

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