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Shanghai promotes young magicians


10:15, November 26, 2012

You go to the theater to watch opera, a cinema for a film, and gallery for an art show But what about a magic performance? A stage has been just set up in northeastern Shanghai's Hongkou District to provide a platform for young magicians. It's already hosted an international competition. Zhang Yuan from ICS shows you what they've got up their sleeve.

One moment, the magician is dancing inside a little box.

The next moment, he is gone.

24 young magicians from home and abroad took part in the closing performance of the first Shanghai International Young Magicians Competition last night. Judges said they were impressed by some of the shows they have seen.

Rocco Silano, American Magician, said, "The magic that I see in China is a little different from magic from America, and they just fool me all the time. So beautiful, so colorful. China has very talented magicians."

The show was held at the Magic Castle, which was just an old factory a month ago. Now it has been renovated to create a stage dedicated to magic performances. Event organizers say the Castle will allow them to put on more big magic shows in the future. 37-year-old Fu Yandong has been performing for years, and says an exclusive stage is very important for young magicians.

Fu Yandong, Chinese Magician, said, "I think young magicians should take advantage of such a platform, like competitions, to communicate with each other and share their experience. It is essential to them to improve their skills. Innovation is important in magic."

The group that put on the show says it has more plans to help young magicians in the city.

Wang Zhiwei, Chiarman, Youth Magician Association, said, "We will develop magic education. We are now cooperating with Shanghai Theater Academy and trying to launch a graduate program for magic arts at the school. It is designed to raise well-educated young magicians. We will also tour universities in China next year."

Wang says the association will also organize magic forums and international exchange programs for student magicians every year.

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