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Military innovation improves China’s self-confidence

(People's Daily Online)

15:59, November 27, 2012

Recently, China’s J-15 fighter had a smooth taking off and landing test on the aircraft carrier the “Liaoning,” fully proving the technical performance of China’s aircraft carrier and airplanes. To the significant military progress made by China, some foreign media with concealed intentions said that the J-15 fighter is the “replica” of certain foreign fighter jet, disclosing their complex state of mind.

In recent years, whenever China makes a progress in construction of weapons and equipment, some people will look through colored spectacles to question the sources of the new weapons, assail the technical and tactical performances and accuse China of plagiarizing the technological achievements of other countries.

Anyone with a little military common sense knows that it is sheer nonsense that J-15 is the “replica” of some foreign airplane. J-15 is the first multi-purpose carrier-based fighter developed by China which can carry out air and sea combat missions. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and is a truly Chinese fighter. It is also the results of innovation and intellectual research of China’s defense scientists and engineers.

The so-called “plagiarism” is untenable and a reflection of some people’s “sour grapes” mentality. Those with ulterior motives must not underestimate China’s capability of independent innovation on national defense science and technology.

Independent innovation is the strategic focus of defense-related science and technology and construction of military hardware. China has been studying and absorbing the advanced technology of other countries to push forward the technological innovation and development.

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