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How strong is Chinese arms’s capacity for independent innovation?

(People's Daily Online)

16:57, November 26, 2012

The debut of many new home-grown weapons, such as the WZ-9, WZ-10, the model of J-31, as well as "Wing Loong" UAV, helped the Zhuhai Airshow capture tremendous attention.

The 18th CPC National Congress report stated that efforts should be made to improve the independent innovation abilities of national defense industry. This is actually the requirements and objectives for the national defense industry.

Comparing the requirements and objectives set out by the Party congress with what the Zhuhai Airshow has shown, we feel there are enormous gaps between the new home-grown technical equipment and independent innovation.

It takes a course to achieve independent innovation. And the course usually has three-stage targets: independent manufacturing, independent research and development, and independent innovation.

The aircraft carrier development follows the three-stage pattern as well. In the course of developing aircraft carrier, we have not achieved independent manufacturing. Not until the following independent research, development and innovation are achieved will the three-stage objectives be fulfilled.

The eye-catching projects at the Zhuhai Airshow have realized independent research and development. Independent research and development provides the foundation for independent innovation. When we succeed in independent research and development, we will get closer to independent innovation.

Read the Chinese version:陈虎点兵:中国武器装备自主创新能力有多少?

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