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China's Beidou satellite navigation system goes global

By Jiang Lianjv and Yang Baofeng (China Military Online)

10:08, November 27, 2012

As an independently-developed-and-operated global satellite navigation system, the Beidou satellite navigation system of China is embracing the world with a more open attitude while providing a new choice of navigation services for the world and winning a greater say for China to keep a foothold in the international satellite navigation field.

The 7th conference of the International Committee on Global Satellite Navigation System (ICG) was recently held in Beijing. The conference gathered some 240 conferees from 16 countries and regions as well as 18 international organizations, and focused on such main topics as compatibility and interoperability, service improvement and capability building of the satellite navigation systems.

The Beidou system was successfully tried out in Pakistan not long ago. The 16th Beidou navigation satellite of China was successfully launched on October 25, 2012, marking the Beidou navigation system has acquired the ability for regional services.

According to the plan, the Beidou satellite navigation system will provide full services for most areas in the Asia-Pacific region in early 2013. By 2020 when the Beidou global satellite navigation system has been completed, the 30-plus satellites will provide services covering the entire world.

Besides its due functions of navigation, positioning and time service, the Beidou satellite navigation system possesses two unique functions of location report and short message communication compared with other navigation systems. The Beidou system, which adopts active and passive satellite navigation and positioning technological setups, has distinct advantages compared with the single passive technological setup of other systems.

The integration and application of Beidou's function and its technological advantages with mobile communication and Internet can facilitate the seamless positioning and connection both indoor and outdoor to provide all-day services for users, which is of great application value in developing smart cities and the Internet of Things.

The competition in satellite navigation field is not a zero-sum game where "I win or you win". The Beidou satellite navigation system does not only belong to China, but the whole world as well. China is willing to work together with the other countries to share the development achievements of satellite navigation, jointly formulate standards, enhance compatibility among multiple systems, extend service fields and promote the extensive application of satellite navigation worldwide.

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