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Street children’s death questions society’s bottom line

(People's Daily Online)

15:15, November 23, 2012

Edited and translated by Huang Jin, People's Daily Online

Five street children were found dead in a roadside dumpster last week. Preliminary investigation said the boys had burnt charcoal for warmth in their humble shelter, but were poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The story similar to “The Little Match Girl” has saddened countless people. The tragedy could have been avoided. They have parents and families; how can they rest in a dumpster?

Last year, eight ministries launched a special program designed to bring all street children back home by the end of 2012. Under such circumstance, how could the relevant departments fail to notice the five street boys in Bijie?
Behind the news is one side of the problems of the primary stage of socialism. Income gap and regional disparities, absence of laws, rural area in depression, and penetration of vulgar commercialism are threatening the physical and mental health of children, the most fragile and vulnerable group.

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Source:People's Daily, author:Li Hongbing.

Read the Chinese version: “孩子失助拷问社会底线"

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