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Official probed over sex video


13:53, November 23, 2012

CHONGQING - A probe into a district official by disciplinary authorities in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality began Thursday after he was allegedly exposed in a sex video by microbloggers on the Internet.

A government source confirmed that a preliminary investigation found the sex video posted by Ji Xuguang, who registered with his real name on China's twitter-like website of Sina Weibo, had not been modified.

However, the source said it was not yet confirmed whether the man in the video was Lei Zhengfu, a district official in Chongqing, as Ji claimed in his microblogs.

Ji, who identified himself as an investigative journalist on the website, uploaded seven microblogs, including the sex video on Tuesday night. It showed a man looking like Lei having sex with a woman.

Ji claimed that Lei kept an 18-year-old mistress.

According to Ji, Lei, incumbent secretary of the Beibei District Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), denied he was involved in the sex video, which was filmed in 2007.

He was then vice secretary of the district CPC committee. He claimed the video must have been "modified with photoshop software."

"Lei told me over the phone that he was willing to 'make friends' with me, when I called him to check his reaction," said Ji in one of his microblog messages.

Ji said he received an anonymous phone threat after he made contact with Lei over the phone.

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