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CMC vice chairman meets Latvian DM on cooperation


08:48, November 23, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Military Commission, on Thursday met with visiting Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks on bilateral military relations.

China regards Latvia as an important partner in the Baltic region, Fan said, noting that the bilateral relationship has witnessed smooth development since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1991.

Fan said China is willing to work with Latvia to further expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect to promote the stable and healthy development of bilateral relations.

Military-to-military exchanges between the two sides have witnessed rapid development momentum in recent years, Fan said, noting that Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie paid a visit to Latvia in May and the two sides have expanded cooperation in personnel training and other fields.

The Chinese side holds a positive attitude toward strengthening relations between the two armed forces, according to Fan, who called on the two sides to further enhance communications and deepen understanding.

Pabriks expressed admiration for China's development achievements.

The Latvian side is ready to further enhance military-to-military exchanges with China in various fields, he said.

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