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Liang Guanglie meets with Myanmar guest

By Luo Chaowen (China Military Online)

09:06, November 20, 2012

Liang Guanglie, state councilor and minister of national defense of the People's Republic of China (PRC), met with Soe Win, the visiting deputy commander-in-chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces and commander of the Myanmar Army, on the morning of November 16, 2012 in Beijing.

Liang Guanglie said that China and Myanmar are neighbors with adjoining mountains and rivers, and the people of the two countries enjoy time-honored brotherly friendship. The bilateral relations have achieved fruitful results in the development in various fields since the beginning of the new century. He expressed that the world today is in the midst of major developments, major changes and major adjustments, the Asia-Pacific regional situation is also developing constantly, and therefore, both China and Myanmar are confronted with new development opportunities and security challenges. The Chinese side attaches great importance to the relations between the Chinese and Myanmar militaries, and is willing to make joint efforts with the Myanmar side to effectively strengthen strategic communication, constantly deepen pragmatic cooperation, strive to maintain the stability of the border areas, and further promote China-Myanmar comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, so as to make contributions to maintaining regional peace and stability and promoting common development.

Soe Win said that China has always been a reliable good brother, good friend and good partner of Myanmar. Under the new international and regional situations, the Myanmar side will keep devoting itself to strengthening the friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries and the two militaries, so as to firmly safeguard common interests of the two countries.

Qi Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), was present at the meeting.

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