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Homes for needy put on hold

By Lu Chen (Global Times)

08:45, November 23, 2012

A charity organization in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, which aims to raise 200 million yuan ($32 million) to build 200 apartments for poor households, is now facing difficulties, the organization's founder confirmed to the Global Times.

He Yuliang, founder of Guangzhou Panyu Helping Association for Extremely Poor Households, told the Global Times that the organization aims to provide needy households without property in Panyu district with a free place to live, and is planning to raise the money it needs by 2015.

"The money will be either used to build apartments for poor households or buy apartments for them," He said.

However, the organization is now facing difficulty after it asked the civil affairs bureau of the district for help. "The district bureau would not share any information with us," He said.

The charity organization requires that households it intends to help first be recognized by the district as needy.

The organization will also publish the information of those qualified households for three months on its website and local media.

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